Cooperation Modes

On the basis and principles of fair cooperation, mutual benefit, complementary advantages, unity of concepts and win-win situation, we welcome any friendly cooperation in the world. Our modes of cooperation include: 
1.Provide entrepreneurial and venture capital
2.Project direct investment and equity participation
3.Cooperation by Mergers and acquisitions, asset M&A, equity M&A
4.Debt financing, equity financing
5.Trade finance
6.Other innovative and acceptable models
7.Cooperation with Quality Industries and Enterprises
8.Industrial mergers and Acquisitions: such as horizontal mergers and acquisitions, vertical mergers and acquisitions, etc.;
9.Strategic emerging industry investment: such as new information industry, tourism and culture projects, etc.;
10.Small, medium-sized and micro-sized enterprises development fund, financial services to these SMEs
11.Innovative Business and Others:
12.Asset Securitization: such as securitization of real assets, securitization of credit assets, securitization of account receivables (including rights of fees collection, rights of incomes and revenues ) and so on; 
13.Overseas market operations, such as offshore trust, overseas mergers and acquisitions, etc. 

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