Risk Management
1.Completed and Sound Risk Control System
The fund takes consideration by reference in accordance with the typical structures of internationally well-known fund management institutions, management standards, comprehensive trust and banking systems from famous financial centres, so that standardized internal control system and strict asset risk management system are established. At the same time, the fund appoints internationally renowned authoritative law firms, accounting firms and other professional organizations to provide third party reports for the proposed investment projects respectively. Such professional institutions provide very professional advice, opinions and alternatives of coursesto give strong support to carry out healthy operations of the fund.
2.Internal Control System
Following the principle of comprehensiveness, prudence, effectiveness and timeliness, the fund has formulated a complete set of systematic and feasible internal control system to control fund business. With establishment of special risk management departments, so that the operational processes of business norms and business risk can be strictly controlled.
3.Risk Control System
The fund has formed a risk management and control system to cover every business and every operation. All business operations and risk can be quantified and managed.It has a sound authorized system of gradual approval. All businessesare subject to be approvedvia stages of preliminary approval, middle approval and final approval by core management leading by general manager respectively. Any businesses or decisions require higher authorization must be approved and verified by the Risk Management Committee of the whole company.
4.Internal Audit System
The internal audit system has been completely established. Special internal auditors have been set up to check the implementation of the internal control system and the financial accounting settlements on a regular basis, so that the implementation and good operations of the various systems can be efficiently supervised 

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