Strategic Channels and Advantages

Investment Channels and Advantages

1.In order to be able to provide customers with more comprehensive servicesand to vigorously expand strategic cooperation fund channels, the fund combines the excellent reputation of the strategic partnership, to build up long-term cooperative relationship with international prime banks , so that both of broad financial supports and social resources for business development can be provided.

2.Risk Control Advantage
Mature and robust investment strategies: Forward-looking on industry selection and on portfolio research to create the right balance of value, between aggressivenessand caution;
3.The fund appoints commercial banks as custodian banks to monitor all usage and operation of funds in process.
4.The fund appoints internationally renowned accounting firms for annual accounting auditions and verification
5.The fund appoints internationally renowned lawyers to monitor all legal risks.
6.Core Competitiveness Advantage
7.Extensive Experience in Operation
The investment scopes mainly cover emerging industries, new energy, new materials, high-tech manufacturing and products, innovative industries, financial innovation, health industry, medical, tourism, park construction, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises.

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