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INTRODUCTION Of World Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Investment Fund ( WSMEIF )
The World Small and Medium-sized EnterprisesInvestment Fund ( WSMEIF ) is guided and advised under the leadership by the World Union of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises ( WUSME ) of the United Nations. Its main objective of establishment is to give necessary helps and assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises ( SMEs ) for achieving their integrated development comprehensively. Its business scopes include:  providing comprehensive financial services, investment management, venture capital, equity investment, venture investment, assets management, financial advisory services and other financial innovation services, etc.

At the same time, the fund extensively uses the association's large number of enterprise resources and capital strength to provide a wide range of financial services to SMEs globally, including providing the services of asset securitization to SMEs, equity securitization, pre-IPO financing, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, financial transactions and settlements, corporate finance services, issuing corporate bonds, corporate restructuring, guarantees, market development and management of various types of capital value-added services, etc to help SMEs achieving fast development by leaps and bounds.

The overall objective of World Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Investment Fund ( WSMEIF ) is to give necessary promotions to achieve healthy and rapid development of SMEs in the world. It plays the roles of upgrading market competitiveness, independent innovation capabilities and self developing capabilities of SMEs. Moreover, It improves the quality of networks in the aspects of industry, technology and trade information. It provides necessary financial supports to SMEsin exploringnew markets and in strengthening international exchanges and cooperation activities. Furthermore, it also plays the role of bridge and linkage between the governments and the SMEs from different countries.

At the same time, by through the activities of in-depth industry research, accurate investment decision-making, high-efficient operation and management, professional value-added services, exploring and enhancing the core values of small and medium-sized enterprises, it createsboth of excellent investment returns for development of SMEs and achieving win-win goals to all participating parties.

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